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A world where humans and animals coexist in sustainable ecosystems


Build awareness and implement effective systems such that habitats and animals are protected



YIARI was created with the aim of preserving habitats and protecting the animals that live in them, ensuring their welfare. YIARI involve communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector to collaborate and take action in protecting the environment, and promoting sustainable natural resource management through awareness campaigns, capacity building and community development.

YIARI implements methods and approaches to reduce wildlife trafficking, and establishes strategies to ensure wildlife remains safe in their habitats;

YIARI rescues wild animals in desperate need, and where possible, rehabilitates and releases them back into the wild, as well as providing sanctuary for animals that cannot be released.

Our Leader

Dr. Karmele Llano Sanchez

YIARI Program Leader

Silverius Oscar Unggul

Chairman of YIARI Foundation

Our Journey


Slow Lorises Rehabilitation Centre in Ciapus Established

In 2007, the rehabilitation centre in Ciapus, Bogor, West Java Province was established, a year before YIARI legally obtained legal status from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The construction of a primate rehabilitation center in Ciapus is specifically intended for slow lorises and macaques. This is the first slow loris rehabilitation centre in Indonesia.


YIARI Established

On February 14, 2008, the IAR Indonesia Foundation was granted legal status by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights and YIARI began helping more of Indonesia’s wildlife.


Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Ketapang Established

The YIARI orangutan rehabilitation centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, was started in 2009. However, all the facilities at this orangutan rehabilitation centre were completed in 2012, located in Sei Awan village, Ketapang, West Kalimantan. Currently, the orangutan rehabilitation centre area occupies a land of around 200 hectares designated for medical facilities and forest area as an area to rehabilitate orangutans before being released.


Sir Michael Uren Learning Centre Established

The learning centre with the first complete facilities in Kalimantan was established on July 10th 2019. Facilities include accommodation for spacious meeting rooms, which can be used for workshops and presentations, a café, and plenty of open space for training and seminars.

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