Bring Harmony with Nature

for a Better Future

We are committed to providing protection for primates and their habitats with a holistic approach through multi-stakeholder cooperation to create a harmonious ecosystem between the environment, animals and humans.

Animal Conservation

This program focuses on the welfare of Indonesian primates. We strive for rescue, intensive medical care, rehabilitation, release and monitoring these animals. We also strive to prevent and handle human-animal conflicts, which focus on long-tailed monkey (Macaca fascicularis) conflicts.

Environmental protection

A suitable habitat and environment is necessary for the continued welfare of living creatures. For this reason, we strive to protect, repair and restore the environment and wildlife habitat which can no longer support the survival of living creatures around it.

Education and Community Empowerment

Increasing people's independence and quality of life is closely related to environmental restoration. Therefore, we work together with communities to improve the capabilities and standard of living of the people around conservation areas, so that they have the independent awareness to care for and restore the environment around them.


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Let’s help orangutans, slow lorises, long-tailed monkeys, and their habitats from extinction due to habitat destruction and illegal trade.


To make this happen, #KonservasYIARI friends can make a donation through the link below.